Success By 6

Healthy Start. Ready For School.

About the Initiative
Success By 6 is a community-wide initiative of United Way of Marion County, focused on bringing together volunteers and resources from business, government, non-profits, and the community to increase the awareness of the needs of children, ages birth to six, and their families as a top priority. The vision of Success By 6 of Marion County is to create a community where all children, by the age of six, have an educational, physical, social and emotional foundation needed to grow into healthy, productive members of the community.  
Success By 6 is the nation's largest network of early childhood initiatives, focused on increasing school readiness through community change and focuses on the challenges facing local families with children birth through age six and facilitate creative solutions in collaboration with community and corporate partners.
Did you know that children from birth to age six learn more in less time than adults?
That is why it is important to provide the right stimulation and learning environment for young children. Success By 6 helps inform parents and decision makers about this window of opportunity in a child's life and makes early childhood education a priority in Marion County. Since parents are a child's first teacher, Success By 6s activities are focused on supporting the parents and caregivers of children.
The Early Learning Coalition of Marion County serves as the lead agency for Success By 6 in partnership with the United Way of Marion County. This unique partnership, created in 2005, was a first in the United States for Success By 6.
The local initiative is governed by a Leadership Council comprised of community leaders. In Marion County, Success By 6 provides an array of services and resources for parents including:
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Resources and Information on a Safe Sleeping Environment for babies
  • Information on Childcare, VPK and Kindergarten Readiness
  • Car Seat Safety Education Program (Free car seats & booster seats are given to parents in need)
  • Baby Diaper Assistance Program (Success By 6 in partnership with Publix Supermarket has collected over 170,000 diapers to help homeless and low income families in our community with such an important need for their babies)
Through various grants and funding sources, Success By 6 continues to increase the services and resources parents are able to utilize to enhance their child's development, thus improving kindergarten readiness in Marion County.
For more information, contact Success By 6 Manager, Chrissy Vickers, at the Early Learning Coalition of Marion County, (352) 369-2315.
How Can You Help?
  • Attend parent support groups
  • Receive prenatal care.  Use a car seat properly.
  • Don't let children under 12 ride in the front seat.  Quit smoking.
  • Read, talk and explore with your child.
  • Be "Family Friendly" by offering flex time, childcare reimbursement, or on-site childcare.
Civic Organizations:
  • Educate your members on the needs of young children.  Hold a book drive.
We work closely with Marion County's elected officials to provide them with statistics and facts they need to help pass legislation to protect and help our children birth to six. Visit our list of partners. The Success By 6 Manager is available for speaking engagements and training for your staff or any interested group. Parent education materials are available through the Early Learning Coalition office. For more information, please call (352) 369-2315 or visit